Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

These are some of the older buildings in the neighborhood where Dad and Sandy live. I love this area,, a cross between the East side and Downtown... Very close to the lake too!!!

This is the building where Dad and Sandy live. I think they have been there for about 20 ish years now. I have always liked this building.. Just the way it is built with all the nook and crannies..

See,, here is a cranny.. Or would you call that a nook????

The Milwaukee Art Museum

This glass piece is a Chihuly. He is an artist who works in glass. He has pieces all over the world but this has always been my favorite. I love the colors and all the different shapes.

From what I understand (I may be wrong) this piece is all left overs and scraps that has been put together. What ever the case,, still my favorite!!

The day that we went (dad, Sandy and I) to the art museum there was an exhibit from China. The early 17th century there was an emperor who built an oasis in the middle of the city. He built an escape for himself and his family. It was huge and made of only the best minerals, and metals, fabrics, etc... He created fake rocks and waterfalls and trees.
The outside had been kept up and in restored condition but the inside had not been touched since 1948 ish.. So they started to restore the inside. As they (the artists) continue to restore the inside they have sent 5 different exhibits through out the world. When these exhibits are done showing they will go back in the city and never be removed again. It was truly amazing to see such beauty. Unfortunately they would not allow any cameras inside.. but there are other pieces through the rest of the museum.

These are replicas of the emperor and his servants.

I love this dragon!!!
I love his smile!! He looks to happy to breath fire on anyone!

Now, this little guy on the other hand.. I think the horns say it all...

The info on this sheet tells us the roof ornaments are of the Ming Dynasty around 1644.

There are 2,, each side had one.. Very ornate!!

This horse is full size but I can't remember how old he is. Still very beautiful for his age..

One of the wings of the art center.. This whole building is a piece of art!!! The windows all look out on the lake.

Growing up I spent alot of time at my grandmothers house. She had a table and chairs that I loved!!! This is one of the chairs to that set. (they have the whole set but only had the chair out this trip) If I ever see another table and chairs I will have it!!! The table is round and white.. Totally retro!!!

Here is another exhibit from China in another wing... I am not sure but I would call them the screaming men. Loving how they are dressed.. Looks like they have jeans and a tank top on.

Goodness.. how did he get in here??? (dad you are so stinking cute!!!)

Here is a very little box with different glass bottles.. The box is made of mirrors and if I remember right is called infinity.

Now this is another of my favorites. "The Dying Spartan" When I was small I remember this outside the county court house. (I thought it was outside the public museum, but thinking back there were dolphins in a fountain) (am I right about that dad??)

I remember him being outside and being vandalized alot.

He used to be spray painted and written on with all kinds of goop.... I also remember seeing names on him. I always thought that was sad that people would destroy something so beautiful.
I also remember that ass!

This mobile has been around since I was very young. I remember seeing this in the Milwaukee airport. I don't remember the name of the artist but I am sure I will find out. (dad,, I know you know.. you told me, I just don't remember) The art museum brought it from the airport and made this entry way just for this mobile. The first time I walked into the museum I was so pleased to see it. I think I surprised dad when I remembered where it had been.

The Milwaukee Art Museum.. the new and the old.
This view on top is the new art museum.. the bottom view is the old. The roof opens up and looks like a bird. This trip it was closed.

The old museum,,, I used to take art classes there when I was a kid. It now is the war memorial and still quite beautiful.

Walking downtown with Dad and Sandy.. We made a stop at the public market.. They have totally redone it since the last time I was home. So many different places to eat and things to buy..

Across the street from the market is this restaurant. It is called Benelux and is becoming known for its beers. Imports from all over the world. Really,,, almost a whole book of beers and each is served in a different glass. I did like the cherry beer and I am not a beer drinker. We sat outside on the roof.. very enjoyable!!! The food is good and the service was great!!! Just saying.....

Buildings of Milwaukee

This will always be one of my favorite buildings in Milwaukee.. City Hall (on top) was where dad worked when I was young and I spent alot of time there. I do remember going to work with dad quite often. I got to play in the mayors offices.. That was back when Henry Maier was mayor..
This also was my landmark when ever I had to drive downtown. I have no sense of direction and telling me go north or south doesn't work.. I would head for the City Hall tower and dad would draw me a map of where I needed to go and then how to get back home. He used landmarks and turn left or turn right.. I never got lost when he made a map for me.. Thanks Dad!!!

These are more of the older buildings of downtown Milwaukee.
Lo Duca Brothers was built or open in 1941.
Sometimes the contrast between the new and old is quite beautiful!

The next batch of photos are of the Mackie building and the Mitchell building. They are a couple of my favorites too.. (I can't help it.. they are all so beautiful and full of character!!!)

Here you have the entrance to the Grand Avenue Club on Michigan St. I love alley ways too...

The carvings on both these buildings is incredible!!! You have everything from cherubs, to wolf's, to gargoyles, and angles..

Across the street is a building made of glass. I caught the reflections of both the older buildings and a few more.

See,, aren't both of these buildings just beautiful?? Now imagine Harley's parked all around them.. That is how it was on the 100th birthday of Harley back in 2008. That was a sight to see..

Love the faces and all the scroll work.

On to the lake front.. After leaving the downtown area I drove down the lake to go home. It was so pretty and the sail boats were out. The zeppelin was flying around the city too..
This one you can see a bunch of sail boats.. It was a bit hazy but the weather was warm....

The lake with a view of the downtown...

I loved the flag flying on the beach.
As you might have figured from this post alone.. I do love the city of Milwaukee.. I guess growing up there, and being away I can see the beauty of this city when ever I come home.. I will be back again soon!!!

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