Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is the first posting I had done while still in Charleston.. We stopped at the Wildlife Refuge outside of Savannah and found these birds, turtles, and even alligators! (Pics of the alligators on a different posting..)

This is the lower river walk in Charleston where alot of the shops are. There is also a walk along the river front..

I couldn't resist this one.. Wally actually saw it first..  Not many use film or batteries anymore for their cameras!!

The stairway from the lower river front to the upper river front..


This is the Lion Fountain in front of the "Cotton Exchange" building..

Now ,, who has a carousel horse on their balcony???  I guess if I had one and had nowhere else to put it,, I would do the same thing!! It made me smile...

St. John the Baptist Church in Charleston.. Just beautiful!!! More from the inside to come in a later post..

Just something about the old south and the iron work.. The gates..

and the fences too!!!

The cannons and steeples all add to the charm and history of this city!!

I love the brick!

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