Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brady Street

When I was growing up we lived on the East side of Milwaukee. It was a great place to be... Brady Street was where it was at!!!!! There are festivals held on this street.. There are times where the street is closed off to cars.
When Harley has it's birthday parties.. nothing but bikes line the street.. and the middle of the street too.. (gotta love bikers!)

Every Sunday we had our Glorioso's sausage and Scoritino rolls. There was nothing like it! The outside of this building is all tiles and the inside is just as beautiful!

This is the tower of St. Hedwigs Church. This is a beautiful church...

The bells in the steeple really do work..

I love the old buildings in this whole area! The brick work is amazing..

This little guy is loving his ride....

In Milwaukee you can find Packer Fans all over!!

This is the outside of Glorioso's

Here is another of Brady St. business. The Emperor of China restaurant is one of our favorites. Been around for years...

Regano's is a corner bar that again, been around forever! Carla and Rad own this place and have made it a great place to go!

I have always loved the inside of this place.. all the wood used makes it so warm a place to be!!!

More old buildings.. this the corner of Brady and Astor.
This looks down Brady street.. I have such memories of this place. When I was growing up it was a place for hippies to have shops, for the kids to be able to walk up and down the street.. from the church, to the penny candy store (which was about a block from my street) (and we were there alot!!).....

It was a great place to grow up back then!

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