Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glorioso's,, the new and old..

I am not sure if it is known,, but I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I go home every chance I get.....
One of my favorite places when ever I go home is Glorioso's. This is an Italian Deli that has been around on the East side of Milwaukee as long as I can remember.

They are on Brady Street. I spent my early growing up years on Arlington St. This is right off Brady. So going to Glorioso's was never a new thing,, we just always went.
Last year they moved the location of their deli down a couple blocks to a bigger building. It is amazing,, and so beautiful.

They still have all the same old Italian foods they always had, but have added more. (Love the rooster!!)

Still all the old world charm from the things by the windows, down to the layout of all the gourmet foods.

How can you forget the Sciortino's bread?? NOT!! As a kid this is what we had every Sunday. Glorioso's Special (sausage) and Sciortino's rolls. This is how you say "heaven"
This is Eddie.. He is one of the Glorioso brothers who have run this deli for years!! I love Eddie!! He is always glad to see me and never ever forgets who I am,, even when I only come in once a year or so...

Did I mention that when I stop in to see Eddie I put my order in for sausage to bring home??? Eddie wraps and freezes a fresh batch for me.. I usually bring home between 20 to 30 (sometimes more) lbs of sausage... I ship my cloths home to make room in my suitcase for the sausage!

I can't believe I didn't have any cannoli's!!!!

This is the old location,, but still full of memories for me!!!

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very cool pics