Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Horned Owl

Baby Horned Owl...

I went with a photographer friend to see an old house with a bunch of really really really old barns and buildings on the land. 
They have some trees that are also very old.. and some creatures that are living in those trees...

This little boy/girl was peaking out of the hole in this tree.. I know they are kind of fuzzy,, but I was so excited to see him I had to try!
We have no idea how old he/she is,, but I am thinking very young. He/she still has lots of baby fuzz on its little head.

 We were really quite a ways from the tree but you can still see it's little head peaking out..

Momma flew away into a tree that I couldn't get to. It was pouring out and so much mud ,,, and this was as good as we could get..

More Eagles from the Mid Valley

More Eagles From Our Valley......

It was gray and cloudy on Sunday when we took off for a ride around the valley.. Hard to get a really good shot.. but we gave it a good try. This is what we came up with.. 

This pair is a momma/daddy and baby. There were actually 2 babies in this tree when we saw them. One of the babies flew to another tree in this row but the other youngster stayed. His parent stayed really close to him.

Wally was in the truck on the road and I (of course) was walking in a field trying to get a closer shot. I managed to get right under the eagles. 
The momma/daddy flew out of the tree a couple times. He/she always stayed pretty close by the baby. While I was there I am thinking he/she thought I might be a threat to the baby. 

This row of trees had so many branches it was hard to get a really good shot of either birds. 

For what ever reason, that baby was not afraid of me.. He never moved from that spot.. 

So majestic!!! How can anyone not love these birds!!!

After we had seen the adult and baby we came across another field where this baby was alone. I didn't see any adults around him. 

He did let me get close but was a bit skittish..  He took off shortly after I got out of the truck. 

He is really very young as you can see by the amount of white on his under wing.. 

Such a beauty....
Nothing like seeing an eagle in full flight!!!!!