Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More of Charleston 2011

More of Charleston.. 

 Ok,, so as you can tell and will more often as I post more of our trip.. I love doors, windows and brick walls!!!

 Here we have another alley ...

 Gillian took Wally and I on quite a walk about... We went all over downtown Charleston.. We walked in alleys, side streets and where ever we could manage to walk.

 Here we stopped by a beautiful place that was in the process of being remodeled.. It had been gutted out down to the studs separating the rooms..
Sadly it looked like it had been abandoned.. as we saw no workers or anyone at all working on this home..
 I took the opportunity of the reflection on this window to play!!
Up above was just me... and below is a reflection of my beautiful baby sister!!! Wally is right behind me..

 I actually had fun with these pictures!!

 More of downtown..

 You cannot be in Charleston and not see the beauty of the "sweet grass" baskets. I can smell the grass even now looking at these photos..
The ladies (and men too) are in the market place and lined up on the main streets of the downtown area selling their baskets..

 Every one is an original piece and truly a piece of history as well as art!!!

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