Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving at the beach

 We were driving around and found a place called Beaver Creek.. (at least I think that is what it is called) A really pretty place we will be able to take the canoe when it gets a bit warmer.. There were alot of birds and this Egret was just taking it all in while Wally and I were stopped looking at him.

From the camp grounds to the beach!

Here is Wally and Trixie.. She is his baby! She is a rat terrier and about 14 years old and spoiled beyond belief!!!  (not that the other 2 are equally as spoiled)
 Trixie got a bit cold and had to warm up in dads jacket..

This one (on the top) is Pixie.. Trixie is her momma..

 More of Trixie...

 This little one.. well he thinks he is little.. is my Harley. He and Pixie are both about 12 years old now.

 A few more of my favorites..
There wasn't much of a sunset this night.. but this moment here was beautiful!

                            Love This!!!

Some of these are of the same area.. They look the same or about the same.. but the waves on this day were just amazing! There was a huge storm on the day before.

It pretty much rained and was really very windy on Thanksgiving day.. (we stayed in the camper and I kicked Wally's butt playing rummy 500) So on Friday when we went to the beach,, this is the aftermath.. still very very windy..

The waves were so powerful!!!

 Lots of seagulls flying around and when this group showed up they thought they were going to get fed...

One piece of drift wood,, 3 different views. I loved the textures and colors of this piece.

 I think this is one of my favorites!

 One of the many tide pools here at this beach. Again, same pool, different views...

This guy was posing for me.. The closer I got to him, the straighter he stood! Seriously!!!

 This section of rocks had it's own blow spout.. Pretty amazing to me since there really was nothing there.. Just every time a strong wave came washing up there was a spout!
I love bridges and this one in Newport is a great one.. We drove up into the hills so I could get a better shot.


Vickie said...

This is some of your best work ever. I especially love the photographs of Wally with the rat terriers!

Wally & Rene' said...

Thank you Vickie.. We had such a good time.. Next time you come up from Texas.. I think you and I should do the beach too!!! :)