Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bike Ride on the Klickitat River

FYI: Don't forget that you can click on any of these pictures and enlarge it for a better view.... just hit ESC or backspace and it will return back to blog size...

This post is part of the Columbia Gorge coming into the Klickitat area, on the Washington side of the Gorge..

I love this top one.. All the pictures here show the differences in this area.. you see the Pillar Rocks.....

Hills made of nothing but rock....

And sheer rock walls..... You can even see the "rolling hills"

Loving this bridge too..

Here is where we camped in Dallesport.. This being the middle of the Gorge where the wind can really whip... You see the fence behind our tent?? That "wind break" kept the wind from blowing our tent all over the campground. I could hear the wind at night and believe me,, it was loud!!! We never felt it on our tent at all.. :)

We took a bike ride along the Klickitat River. We rode about 15ish miles.. It was just beautiful!!! More rock walls..

The river was moving very fast for this time of year..

We found a tree with these flowers (??? not sure really what they were) that were so different than anything I have ever seen.. I didn't know which of these 2 (top and bottom) pictures I liked better,,, so I put them both in.
And I did like this one too!!!

Now,, where we were riding was "free range" Meaning the cows are allowed to roam where ever they want in this area.. It was well evident by how many "cow pies" we saw... No cows,, just lots and lots of pies!!!

Now I thought I had seen just about anything a person can see.. I have heard of these and even seen the outcome as to what these things can do...... But until this bike ride I had never seen "magic mushrooms"

They are really quite pretty,, and good thing not smelly..

After the bike ride we drove out of Klickitat and saw these flowers.. I had to have Wally stop so I could take some pictures..

We also got a really nice view of Mt. Hood.. The clouds had been covering the top most of the weekend and this was a nice treat to see..

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