Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rhody 2011

Rhody Fest
Florence, Oregon

Wally and I took a ride to the beach yesterday.. The Rhododendron Festival was being held in Florence.. This has been an on going festival for over 100 years. This year is the 75th anniversary of the Siuslaw Bridge.
Wally and I only went for the day,, but there are folks who go for the whole weekend. I used to do that,, but this time a one day ride was fine... The weather was beautiful,, very little rain if any at all.. lots of beautiful bikes... and it was very good to see old friends!

The Place...

This is the Siuslaw Bridge. It is 75 years old this year.. Hope I look that good at 75.

Old Town where we were is not on the beach,, but there is a bay.
It is quite beautiful.. Old Town has lots of quant shops and good food.. Like most coast towns.

The Rides!

I have always loved the horses on the Mary-G0-Round.. they are so colorful and you have different animals..

Now,, I don't think so...... on either one of these!!

I really don't think so.... Looks kinda close to me! And look at that girls hair flying! Nope,, I think I am too old for these kind of rides now.. lololol

The People...
Some of the best people I have ever met are bikers!
Here are some of them...

Other than saying this is my buddy Paul, and another buddy Ed,, I can't think of one word to explain Paul. I have no idea what he was doing.. or why.. That coffee cup did come a tumbling down... (Love ya Paul)

Here we have my Wally with Leroy, Robert, Joanne, Mike, Cathy and Dwayne..

I ran into a couple of bikers I used to ride with.. Mark is up top.. and Doug is here below..
One of my favorite people!!!

Here is Shelly putting (or trying) to put up her tent... Her little pooch has gotten so big. I have another picture of him as a puppy fitting right in Shelly's helmet.

Here is Mike with a couple of the guys. Mike has served at least 2 tours in Iraq. We are so thankful he is home.. Thank you Mike!

Another couple of my favorites!! I just love Robert! Such a good heart.
My little Leona... What a beauty!

Danea has always and still today is just a hoot!! Love her!!

I am loving Carla's skull jeans!!! Have to find a pair!

Here is a good picture of Robert and Joanne.. and below is Lynn and Diane. More good people!


When anyone comes into Florence Old Town they ride/drive right through the main street. I think it has become tradition.. part of going to Rhody.

Some do really like to make an entrance.. Some groups ride together and when the come into town it is a big deal. It has to be when you have that many bikes rolling into town at one time.

These pictures really don't do justice to how many people were here. This is just in the early afternoon. Tonight this place will be packed. We really couldn't find a place to park the bike.. we ended up a few blocks up and around the corner.. which really was fine with me!!


Each club, and/or group might have a patch to identify who they are. There are so many around, but some are more local than others. Certain patches mean different things.. Either way you look at them,, what ever the patch, be respectful.

Some of the patches I am not sure about.. I see the I5 patches here.. These guys are Road Brother Northwest Riders. They just love riding up and down I5. I met a couple of these guys last week. I was even invited to come ride with them. Nice guys..

CMA is one of the Christian motorcycle groups around.. I think this is the main group and they have many smaller groups with different names which are spin-offs of the main group.

Here are a couple of my favorite's... Mike and Mikey from the Clean and Sober group. I wear a support patch for this group.

Big Bear Choppers.. His bike was really pretty.. It was red!!

The Free Souls are all over. Here we have members from both Oregon and Washington. The top picture is a Prospect. These guys have a bad reputation and I am sure some is deserved, but I have to say they always take care of their own. We were always taken care of when we were around the guys. I don't ever remember a time when I did not feel safe when the guys were around. One of these days I will finish putting all the patches I have on my vest. One would be the support patch for the Souls. Thanks guys!!!


(Don't forget,, to enlarge any of these pictures just click on it. You can backspace or hit escape and get back to normal size.)

Just playing around being creative here..

Love this car..

I wish I would have gotten the front of this bike. It was beautiful! Kinda like a ghost skull.. (bikers like skulls)

Lots of old classic cars, trucks and custom as well. They have a parade on Sunday and this is where you will see most of them.

Another custom paint job.. Sweet!!!
I don't know if I would ever be daring enough to do something like this.. I really love my classic cobalt blue and white with a touch of iridescent gold under the white.. Mine looks like it is from years ago.. Classic in its owns right!

Some are colorful,, Love the helmet here!

Some have "ape hangers" .... I have seen taller ones than this! I have heard said that they are really comfortable to ride with..

Some have side cars for a pal. :)
This is up at the campground.. alot of the people I know camp up here for Rhody.. (this is why the picture.. all the parked bikes) I see Calvin here.. (tall blue hat) and I am sorry I didn't get a better picture of him. He moved down south and I was sooooo glad to see him here! Miss you Calvin!!

This golf cart is powered by a Harley engine and has it's own mixer on the back!

I loved this guy.. he saw me with the camera and gave me a big smile!! Thanks! Love the helmet too!!

This bike had the dog carrier attached.. along with a trailer that was being pulled.. I just loved the dog house!

Now this is what I rode in on.. the back seat of Wally's bike is very comfortable and I really do love the radio!!
Gotta love a man in leathers! I do love this one especially!!! (my Wally)

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