Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camping with the kids...

Wally and Sam went for a ride.. Jim found them ;)

Camp fire..

Farmer Sean.

I remember a story my grandma Jo told me about a time she made a cake. Grandma Jo was an amazing cook and when it came to making baked goods,, she was good at that. The story was that she had made a cake and my mom had a piece of it. As she was eating the cake she looked at her plate and found half a caterpillar on the cake.

She looked at her fork and the other half of that caterpillar was already in her mouth. It seems it (the caterpillar) was on the ceiling and fell on the cake before grandma cut the cake...

While eating dinner on this night, Mel had taken a bite of her burger (Seans killer camping burgers and OMG they were good) and when she looked at the burger she found half an iridescent beetle (the bottom half) That did it for her.. She never did finish that burger... lololol

After that burger she checked everything she either ate or drank. We razzed her the rest of the night...

The kids camper behind Jim...

Mel and Wally deep in some discussion...

Part of our campsite.. Wally and I had the tent.. the kids were in the camper.
No words.. I just liked this.

Jimmy up top is now 9 years old and Sam below will be 7 in August..

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