Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rhodie 2012

Rhodie Fest

Rhodie is actually called Rhododendron Festival which is held in Florence, Oregon. (love the beach!) 
This is a family fun time festival and many people come from all over to this place. 

For the bikers, it is a time to get together and party..There really is no other way to explain it..

(I love this old timer!! Classic!!!)

Bikers ride from all over..

They ride many different kinds of bikes. These red and yellow bikes are Spiders. I loved the red one.. it is a touring bike. Lots and lots of storage.. I could fit all my camera gear in this bike!! I am actually going to test ride one and see if I like it. This has 2 wheels in the front and one in the back... the trikes have 2 in the back and one in the front. Who knows.. maybe I will actually give up my 2 wheel Harley and get a Spider.. Ironic seeing I really hate spiders!!

Patches are displayed proudly! They represent different groups and clubs in the area and beyond.
They also represent different branches of those who serve this country.. (the patch on the knee above, love it!)

This is a member of the HOG group..

Some people will ride anything with 2 wheels!!

Free Soul...

More patches...

Nap time..

Here they come....
This is the parade of bikes.. When several of the groups come to town.. Nothing specific.. just seems to end up being a parade..
It starts with the Free Souls, and then you will have a mix of different clubs and groups..
Really a site to see all these bikes coming into town at one time..

There on the far left is Mike..  I didn't realize I got him until I was editing these..

Here are my boys.. My Wally and my buddy Paul and his wife Kim..
This guy below lives in Florence. For years he sits at this window and watches and waves at the people going by.

Some of the Clean and Sober guys.. Simon (checking in... ) and I see Ed up there too..

Todd up top and Robert below..

Hi Leroy!!!

Calvin is a Free Soul, but I knew him long before that.. He has always been special to me.. my knight in shining armor..  He would ride with me so I wouldn't have to ride alone.. I didn't like riding with a large group very close and as fast as they go..

He didn't mind riding with a newbie.. It was really good to see him!!! 


Not sure what Kay was thinking about but I couldn't get her attention from across the street..

Hi Mark!!! You are looking good here!!!

The guys.. 

Here we have Robert.. (affectionately called Wilson by everyone..)

Here is Lori and Murphie..  Love them!!
(I will get the honor of photographing their wedding this August!!!)

I have many more pics I wanted to add but it seems I am at my fill of space on this blog.. I will have to post more when I set up my web page..

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