Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moon and Owl


We have a dog door at home and the dogs can go out any time they need to... the camper doesn't have one. We did get a pen for them.. actually 2 that we put together for a good size kennel for all 3 dogs. We have 2 small dogs (rat terriers) and a cocker spaniel.
Wally was letting them out about 3am and he heard, and saw out of the corner of his eye this guy land in the tree just above out camper door.

He was just about 20ish feet from us. It was pitch dark out.. no light from anything but the moon.
Wally woke me up and had me look. I could see the outline of the owl. I went inside and changed the lens on the camera and tried to set it.. I had no glasses and no contacts in so it was a real hit and miss for me. I did what I could and when I was ready Wally hit the owl with the flashlight. That was all the light I had.

As you can see he just sat on that branch looking at us. I think he was trying to figure out just how crazy we were shining a flash light on him in the middle of the night just to try and get some good pictures of him. For what ever reason,, he stayed. He stayed for quite some time after we took pictures of him.
Wally and I both figured he was looking for food. Small dogs in a pen = dinner...  We didn't leave them out alone after that...

I will have more postings of this beach run soon.. so be sure to check back...  :)

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