Wally and Rene'

Wally and Rene'

Monday, January 24, 2011

Angle Oak, Seabrook Island, and animals....

Now in Oregon we have some big trees.. that is why we are the Pacific Northwest.. but this is by far the biggest I have ever seen....
This is called the Angle Oak.

This tree stands in a wooded area of John's Island outside of Charleston. This tree is a live oak and from what I understand is native to the low country.

The Tree (as it is called by the locals) has a diameter of spread reaching 160 feet and a circumference of nearly 25 feet and covers 17,000 square feet of ground.
It stands over 65 feet high and is said to be over 1500 years old. The Tree dates back to Abraham Waight's 1717 land grant.

Angle Oak was damaged severely during Hurricane Hugo. but has since recovered and still grows strong.

No matter how you look at it,, it is one stinking big tree and so beautiful!!!

Gillian and Yvonne at the beach on Seabrook Island. This is another island community that we checked out.. It is like a small town with a shopping center, beach rentals and even a golf course.

The ocean in Charleston is much different than the Oregon Coast. We have rocks and trees and more rocks..
The Atlantic that I have seen has no rocks,, but still is so beautiful.

Lots of sand and clear bright beaches.

Even pelicans like the Atlantic..

Mackie and Shea loved the jelly fish and I just loved the different looks of the sand.

Long flat beaches seemed to go on for miles..

There are alot of marsh land areas along the way back to Gillians house..

I liked the way the little streams of water went through the whole marsh.

My baby sister,, Gillian. Isn't she a beauty!!!!!

I was taking pictures of the marina and she thought she would be funny,,, I got the last laugh in some really good pictures of her! Love you babecakes!!!

Loving the reflections of the boats in the water.

Hi mom!!! (she was taking a break)
There was a few plants around the area and I was playing..

Actually mom was telling me what she wanted me to take and I did it.. How did I do mom????

This is the trunk of the palm tree and some of the branches..

More close ups.. this time the berries from the trees....

We were driving past another marsh and I saw this egret flying. We watched where it was going and actually turned and went back.. there were a flock of them.

I counted 5 in the tree but there were many more in the marsh and flying nearby. I have seen them along the rivers in Oregon, but not in flocks like this.

Couldn't resist the Christmas decorations on the fence,, right in front of the palm trees. Not something I am used to seeing. There should be snow! Lots of snow and fir trees!!!

We stopped at a farmers market and I was surprised when we walked in the back of this store... there were farm animals.

Chickens, roosters and guinea hens walked around with no fences at all..

The pig didn't want to be bothered at all.. and the goat was on the top of the world up there..

We never did figure out what kind of bird (a variety of chicken??) this was but he sure was cute.

This big guy spotted me and came right to me.

He liked me... alot!! (this is my knee he is licking)

Look at this face.... I think he wanted me to stay!

Now this was something I had heard about but not ever really seen.. concrete tables..
They are really nice and I think they might be easy to make..
You can do anything you would like,, mosaic,,, glass,,, what ever you like. Could be an interesting project... I am thinking counter tops.. Hmmmm have to think about this one.. :)

This is from inside the market. Lots of brightly colored produce and bottled sauces and antiques too.

This was a fun day......

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